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Studio Rentals

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Studio must be left the way it was as when the renter came in. If you leave items for your class, you understand that you leave them at your own risk. Lights, stereo and AC, if used, must be turned off and windows have to be closed when done. No food or drinks other than water are allowed in the studio however ALL bottles must be discarded. Regular street shoes are not allowed in the studio. Absolutely no hip-hop or tap dance in any of the studios. No inappropriate activities are allowed in the studio. Security System must be armed correctly upon exiting the facility if you are closing. A $100.00 fine will be assessed per security system infraction. We reserve the right to move your space to a different studio or time with a 3 day notice to the renter. The renter shall not use any “LI Ballet ” wording in their advertising/marketing other than in referencing the location of the studios. It must be labeled as '' LI Ballet Academy & Dance'' We reserve the right to amend these polices given a 14 day written notice to the renter. I agree to abide by the policy. I understand that my credit card will be charged a minimum maintenance fee of $25 for any cleaning or damages. I also understand that my rental contract will be terminated as a result of any violation of the above policies.

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